How feel right now?

Before flying for the first time

I do not know if I can fly, but I am “wakuwaku”.
wakuwaku” cannot be explained by theory.
It is neither I can nor I cannot.
It is also neither profitable nor not profitable.
It is neither good nor bad. It neither efficient nor not efficient.
wakuwakuhas no theory but I am just wakuwaku without reason.

M&Y TRADE connect people and heart all over the world and deliver the greatest “wakuwaku”
”wakuwaku” is probably the same meaning as an exciting feeling in English.

Business philosophy

Our business philosophy is to bring “wakuwaku” to our customers through our products. Let’s sell your products in Japan !

List your product on Crowdfunding in Japan

Your full-time campaign manager will guide your campaign from back-end coding to analytics, graphic design to copywriting, advertising and PR

Open the business to B2B

As Makuake crowdfunding has a huge influence in Japan now, many large retailer stores in Japan such as Big Camera, Loft, and Tsutaya are watching Makuake for potential new products to buy. With Makuake sales, we can convince buyers of retail stores a lot more effectively.

IExhibit your product at the Tokyo Gift Show

After crowdfunding, we will exhibit the product at the Tokyo Gift Show in Japan to promote your product at the exhibition. About 200,000 visitors(buyers) will come to this exhibition and we will connect your product to retailers in Japan.

Why don't you make people “wakuwaku” with your products in Japan?

Our consultant

who we are


Kazuma Hayashi

+Over 13 years of successful partnership business with international companies +13 years of offering an e-commerce consulting firm in Japan +Supported over oversea130 crowdfunding projects in Japan +13 years of e-commerce experience in Japan +Certified eBay Consultant since 2010 +Worked as eBay research software called TERAPEAK’s sole distributor in Japan for 8 years +Published the book about how to start eBay business +amilar with the Japanese retail business


Hideaki Otake 

A leading crowdfunding product and official Makuake evangelist. CAMPFIRE Official Curator Partner / GREEN FUNDING Official Partner. Crowdfunding has produced a total of 300 cases / amount of 600 million yen or more. In addition to the representative director of the Society for Seriously Researching Import Business, he is a trading agent for China and develops the management and business of multiple trading companies. As an import consultant, he has given seminar lectures and consulting nationwide, and has provided advice to more than 5,300 companies regardless of individual corporations over the past eight years. He has also lectured at Japan Post and Yahoo !, and his activities are diverse. He won the Makuake Best Evangelist 2019.


What is our promotion strategy?

We have the know-how to expand your brand and products.

Feature One

Crowdfunding (Makuake, Campfire, GREEN FUNDING)

Feature Three

Amazon and Rakuten Ichiba, etc

Feature Two

Retail Stores (Yodobashi Camera, Bic Camera, Tokyu Hands and Loft, etc)

Feature Four

Tokyo Gift Show (We will take care of the cost)

Test marketing

We can see how Japanese customers would react to your product before selling it to general.


Even if the item is incomplete, we can still sell it.


We will take interviews and the product will be featured on each media. (newspapers, TV, magazines, and web)

Business results

Whether we have business results or not, this will affect our general sales.


We can clearly set this apart from other similar products.

Before crowdfunding project

What we do for a crowdfunding project?

Japanese with little business experience often imitate our business model. However, simply imitating us is not going to work.

Our support

What kind of support/service will we provide?

We have skills and knowledge how to approach Japanese backers for your innovative products! We understand how important the initial sales to early adapters can be for your success. We know how to import/export goods very well in Japan. We are familiar with the Japanese market. You can choose a way to run a crowdfunding project with us. which other companies would not offer.


Create a content Design to copywriting in Japanese Translate materials into Japanese

Pre-Launch marketing

Run Facebook ads Create LINE account Create a landing page

Campaign management

Post updates Answer inquiries Publish a press release


Audience reserch

General crowdfunding consulting

Share us necessary promotional materials such as product images and videos etc

Japanese Largest Crowdfunding

We’d like to introduce Makuake where we will launch your product through crowdfunding.

Makuake is one of the leading crowdfunding service providers in Japan. It was established in 2013, and it has generated $1.3 billion in sales by 2019. The number of cumulative projects has surpassed 5,000, and the company is growing rapidly, with an average target achievement rate of over 94%. Makuake was listed in December 2019 and it’s getting a lot of attention now in terms of the new ways of promoting a new product in the Japanese market.

Our Cases

Need help with distribution strategy in Japan? We Are Experts!​